What is Foxit Reader?

Foxit Reader is a small PDF reader for you to view, search and print PDFs. With this software, you are able to measure distances, insert images, add links, create annotations on PDFs, highlight PDF text, email PDFs, etc.

For more information about Foxit Reader visit here:

Is Foxit Reader free?

Yes. Foxit Reader is free software. Moreover, since version 4.0, advanced features have been included in this free Reader. You can now freely use those pro features without additional licensing.

Do I have to buy upgrade key if I want to update my old Reader to the newest version?

You are free to upgrade the program whenever you want. The latest version of Foxit Reader does not require a key.

How to add Foxit Reader button?

Step 1

Please get the Foxit Reader button from and upload it to your website server.

Step 2

Add the below code to your website's homepage:

Note: The src above is the path where you input to save the icon getreader.gif picture.